Website are living organisms

01 April 2019 | 2 min read

Imagine you just bought a new jacket. It looks great and you look great in it, but there is one small problem—the sleeves are too long. They need shortening, a task you deemed simple.

40 minutes later…

Google has provided you with several local companies which could do the job. One website had great photos, even some featuring jackets like yours. You decide to contact them, but cannot find the contact details.

Another website has no photos and hardly any content at all. Extreme minimalism to the point that they forgot to even include their services. Do they do women’s clothes, men’s, or both? They have even forgotten to mention where they are located. This is a new level of minimalism.

The next website has great copy. Easy to ready and inviting. All services were listed with a price and their location turns out to be next to your office. Easy! You can almost see yourself walking into your office with your new jacket, complements coming from all angles.

You proceed to fill in the online form explaining the work you need done. You click submit. Nothing happens. You click again, and again. The form is not working.

A website is a combination of various elements including visual design, SEO, UX, copy, imagery and technology. A successful website combines these elements seamlessly. When one element breaks, it does not matter how great the other components are. The website will fail.

There is a fine and delicate balance between all of these elements. In the same way, you cannot bake bread without yeast and expect it to rise, you cannot neglect any components and expect the website to stand.

A working website not only works for visitors, but also for the business behind it. If the website is not working, you are the first to know.

Websites are living organisms.

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