Multiple design options

22 March 2018 | 1 min read

“Can you tell me typically how many ideas / designs concepts I can expect to see?”

I never commit to a set number of concepts as I do not know what the initial feedback will be. I identify a certain avenue, explore a single idea, submit it to you for feedback, and either make necessary changes or derive additional concepts from there.

This ensures that you are not limited in any way to a set number of concepts.

A sample design or mockup actually takes a lot of conceptualisation, trial and error.

Exploring options happens naturally when designing. One day I am happy with my approach and the next I toss it in the bin. Fluctuation is natural and expected.

On average, a designer will produce a dozen iterations of a design. This approach allows me to internally work through various potential solutions and present what I feel is the best option alongside considerations that influenced my decisions. From there I can iterate until everyone is happy.

The creative process is a bit like giving birth. You wouldn’t want to go through it twice just to see which child you want to keep.

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