Laravel learning resources

Personal list of resources for learning Laravel (elegant PHP framework), if you have any favorite Laravel learning resources that are not on this list, please get in touch.


Official docs

Tutorials and screencasts



  • Why Laravel is Taking the PHP Community by Storm
  • Laravel Tutorial Series by Dayle Rees:
  • Jason Lewis Laravel tutorials:
  • Laravel: The Blog Tutorial:
  • Laravel Tutorials Series:
  • NetTuts Laravel Tutorials:
  • Build Web Apps From Scratch with Laravel (Mini-Series):
  • Easy Package Management With Composer:
  • Build Web Apps From Scratch With Laravel: Filters, Validations, and Files:
  • Build Web Apps from Scratch with Laravel – The Eloquent ORM:
  • Testing Like a Boss in Laravel: Models:
  • Your One-Stop Guide to Laravel Commands:
  • Build Your First Admin Bundle for Laravel:
  • The Essentials of Creating Laravel Bundles:
  • Laravel 4: A Start at a RESTful API:

Other collections

Other resources

Laravel on Twitter


  • Laravel: @laravelphp
  • LaravelIO: @LaravelIO
  • Laravel Community: @LaravelC
  • Laravel News: @laravelnews


  • Taylor Otwell: @taylorotwell
  • Dayle Rees: @daylerees
  • Shawn McCool: @ShawnMcCool
  • Eric Barnes: @ericlbarnes
  • Phil Sturgeon: @philsturgeon
  • Jonathan Barronville: @jonathanmarvens
  • Ian Landsman: @ianlandsman
  • Zack Kitzmiller: @zackkitzmiller
  • Kenny Meyers: @kennymeyers
  • Jeffrey Way: @jeffrey_way

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