A Day In The Life Of Designer and Front-end developer

Iā€™m Adam Koniuszewski, and I am designer/frond-end developer. I live in Manchester with my wife, Ruth, and my 2 daughters, Florence(4) and Magdalena(1). Ultimately, all of my work is all about helping businesses grow through design and code.

That means I spend my time designing (websites, web apps, branding materials), coding, responding to support requests and meeting clients.

What hardware do you use?

At work I use a 27ā€ iMac. At home I use 21ā€ iMac and 13ā€ MacBook Air. For testing and browsing on the move I use iPad 2 and iPhone 4s.

And what software?

Chrome is my main web browser. I spend most of my time in the Sublime Text 3 editor, iTerm2 for CLI utilities. I use git and Github/Bitbucket for code versioning and iA Writer for Markdown formatting.

I use Feedly to keep up with blog posts.

At work I use Basecamp for project management. Zendesk for support tickets and Toggl for time tracking.

What your typical day look like?

5-6am- Wake up and check my email and schedule for any fires that may need my immediate attention. Coffee. Catchup with new articles on websites I follow via Feedly. Head out to the office.

7-8am- Work on side projects, updates, fixes.

8-9am- Check and respond to emails and support tickets. Organise client work for the day.

9am-12pm- Client work

12pm-12.30pm- Lunch.

12.30pm-3pm- Client work

4.10pm-5.30pm- Head home. Pick up Florence from nursery.

7pm-8.30pm- Dinner, family time, get the girls ready for bed.

9pm-10pm- Down time. Watch coupe episodes of Family Guy or something on Netflix.

10pm-11pm- Work on side projects. Do a few lessons of current course(React and Vue.js at the moment). Prepare for the next day.

12pm- Bedtime.